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A Tale of Three PJ’s

While PJ’s Sports & Spirits only opened its doors in 2007, the locals know it has its roots in fifty years of Goose Rocks Beach history.

After the devastating fires that swept through southern Maine in 1947, Philip J. Spang, the original PJ, purchased several acres of land along Route 9. With his wife, Priscilla, PJ raised ten children at the family farm just a mile from the beach. In 1968 he built and opened a small motel right next door, calling it the Beachwood. This family-operated business grew—and grew— to include a restaurant and dairy barn become a Goose Rocks Beach landmark for nearly forty years. When he passed away in 1991, Phil Spang left behind a legacy of hard work, civic pride, entrepreneurial spirit, and generosity.

For the last fifteen years of the Beachwood’s life, its primary managers were Kathleen Spang and her brother Michael. In 2005, the Spang family sold the Beachwood. But Kathleen’s hospitality heritage just wouldn’t let her walk away from the industry.

Now she’s welcoming guests at a new location—the Ocean Woods Resort. She’s brought her five children into the business, including her youngest son, Paul Justin—the second PJ. They’re all pitching in to offer family-style friendliness, food, and fun.

Oh, and the third PJ? That’s Peter J. Morton, Kathleen’s fiancé. He and Kathleen own and operate Ocean Woods and PJ’s together. He’s a real sports lover, too, so whenever you drop into PJ’s, there’s a good chance you’ll run into him. Be sure to say hello.

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